Kingz Tattoo Parlor offers Permanent Make-Up Corrections & Removal in Richmond, Virginia. This procedure is to correct the old tattooed brow that is very dark, red, orange, purple, gray, or green in color. This procedure can also erase a procedure that was done elsewhere.

The artist uses a saline based gel with a Permanent Make-Up Machine to remove the old ink. The client may need 2-3 sessions depending on how dark the brow is and the clients skin. Everyone is different.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes. The client has to heal and wait 4 weeks in between sessions. After sessions are complete, the artist will be able to give the client a Microbladed or Combination Brow.

This is not laser removal. Laser is dangerous on the eye area and it is not recommended for removal around the eyes.



Per Tattoo Removal Session


Regular pricing applies for brand new procedures.

PMU Corrections